“Hair Today” Hairstyles Seminar and Book Presentation (Austria)

It is little to say that I was flattered by the invitation to go and lead seminars in Graz and Vienna, Austria. It was a true professional pleasure to have the opportunity to share my experience, vision and opinion, to help many people dedicated to the art of hair by improving their expertise.

by Georgi Petkov

Hair Today Album Presentation by Georgi Petkov


The seminars consisted in short presentation of the album “The Hair Today 3” and demonstrations of different hairstyles separated in three groups:

1. Careless buns and uplifted hairdos (Undone Braid)


2. Braids


3. Curls and ponytails

by Georgi Petkov


The seminar started with presentation of different styles of ponytails. It is a well-known fact that since the 70’s they have been trendy again. The high half up ponytail with a thick and curly hair is one of the hits in the summer. Many famous ladies – Maria Ilieva, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and others already opted for this hairdo. Besides giving attractive, open-minded and definitely sexy look, this hairstyle gives a solution to the dilemma volume versus length.

photo by Diliana Florentin for Knapp

photo by Diliana Florentin for Knapp / Hair by Georgi Petkov


The half up ponytail gives volume to the upper part of the head, stretching the oval of the face and at the same time keeping the entire hair length. On one hand it is very practical and on the other – very provocative. This hairdo gives the same look at the beach especially if you leave the curls more casual. You will have to choose another style if you are going to a night party and you definitely want to be noticed. In this case choose large and well-shaped curls.

In the following weeks I will shed more light and discuss into more details the other styles that I present and show during the training seminars.

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