It is time to tell you about my last visit to Austria where I was honored to conduct several presentations and seminars for hairstylists from the largest and most successful hair salon chain on the territory of the Austrian province of Vorarlberg – Ölz Intercoiffeur.
It was a great pleasure for me to receive an invitation from the owner of Ölz Intercoiffeur salons, Gerhard Ölz, who has seen many good reviews about my work at my previous visits to Austria. He wanted me to organize and lead seminars and staff trainings in his salons in the border towns of Dornbirn and Bremenz.


The interesting fact is that many people come especially from Switzerland and Germany to visit his salons in Austria. This is one of the reasons why Gerhard Ölz is striving so much for continuous growth and development of his staff. His ultimate goal is to fulfill always his customers’ needs and desires.
The two-day seminar was conducted in the following way – with a short presentation of the album HAIR TODAY 3 and demonstrations of formal hairstyles separated in four groups:

1. Braids

2. Ponytails

3. Backcombing

4. Twists and curls

From the youngest hairstylists and beginners to longtime and experienced hairdressers - all of them passed the training with a great success.

ready- final

Acquiring basic skills in the above-mentioned four hairstyle categories, the hairdressers actually received the best foundation and had the opportunity to build their own ideas and fantasies on their customers’ hairs.

After the demonstration part where I was showing step by step how to make four hairstyles with a mix of the key elements, there was always a short break. My Austrian colleagues were very excited and eager to work in the afternoon together on the hair practice heads.


The first hairstyle I presented was from the Desert Flower collection, inspired by African art. This hairstyle has two of the main elements: a high ponytail and braids. I showed the subtleties in collecting the hair in a ponytail without leaving the so-called "bumps" and how to determine the exact location of the ponytail towards the face. When I was showing the braids I highlighted how important is the direction of knitting in order to build the most appropriate form.


The next hairstyle I presented was a romantic careless bun with a braid from the Aquamarine collection. It is very suitable for learning good backcombing techniques. How to do it if you want to achieve volume, hairstyle basis or just a texture. The proper tools you will need when making this hairstyle.


Curling and winding the hair and the importance of the direction of winding were shown in a hairstyle from the collections Passion of Mary and Aquamarine. Well curled hair and prepared in the right direction covers 70% of the hairstyle. After that, the hair just leads alone the hairstylist to the perfect form shaping. In order to build the perfect shape twist, the hair has to be well prepared and it is very important to master a good technique of winding the hair around your fingers.


Following accurate explanations and a step-by-step presentation of all hairstyling elements, the hairdos were fully made. The hairstylists had insignificant difficulties with some of the elements, but the final results were very good.


The most important thing for me was that my colleagues were very pleased with the knowledge they acquired and felt more inspired to make many new hairstyles to their customers.

About the book "Hair Today 3"


The luxurious book is bilingual, in Bulgarian and English. It offers a selection of modern hair solutions for women and men, presented with stylish photo shoots uniting all the important beauty elements - hair, makeup and clothing. There are also step by step photo shoots that uncover the secrets behind the great hairstyles presented in the 180 pages book.

Just like with the previous publications, the third one defines the trends in formal and wedding hairstyles of 2015, seen through Georgi Petkov's artistic vision and his proven impeccable style.

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