“Georgi  Petkov – The Bulgarian Hair Sensation” EGO Magazine, Dubai

Few months ago, I was askеd to be the featured artist of the luxury lifestyle magazine EGO, based in Dubai. The talented journalist Abigail Barbasa contacted me over Instagram and sent me an email letter, after seeing a few of the hairstyles I've shared from my book "Hair Today". It was really a pleasure for me to answer some of the most accurate and interesting questions that I have ever been asked.

Read below the whole exclusive interview and learn a little more about me and my passion for hair:


Georgi Petkov - The Bulgarian Hair Sensation

When I asked Georgi for photos of his work, he sent me three dropbox links over the course of three days, saying he couldn’t choose just a few. I thought to myself, well how hard could it be? So when I sat on my computer and finally got to go over the files he sent, I finally understood his struggle.

With an extensive clientele and an impressive portfolio that grows by the day, Georgi is indeed on a beautiful hair mission.
In this exclusive interview with EGO, get to know the talented young hair designer as he talks about his signature style, his mane journey and the formula to making it in this competitive industry.


What’s your signature style /trademark?

Beautiful hair style - through the years, I've learned to make my clients hair look beautiful, choosing the most suitable style for each one of them. This is my trademark - style corresponding to the client's personality.


What brought you into the world of hair? Can you share with us your journey to the ‘mane’ world?

People's hair has always impressed me, especially big beautiful hair that falls heavily down on smooth waves, reflecting light. I've always enjoyed watching women flirting with men with the help of their hair: the woman might tick her hair slowly from her bare shoulder or dissolve a ruffled tail or untidy bun; she might roll up a lock of her beautiful curls while talking. I like watching a woman's brilliant elastic wave of hair moving in harmony when she is entering a place. Hair has always made me admire it.

My interest was strengthened by movies, commercials and by the history of hair-fashion: how the styles have changed over the years and that now we can recognize different decades just by the hairstyle and by its impression on us.

The masculine styles began to excite me - there are many challenges in them. I wanted to create hairstyles even when the man has very short hair ("number zero") or slightly bald. Casually unkempt, yet with style and hair line. I always try to make the hairstyle of each person fit to his character and personal style.

Entering into the details, learning how to do "this and that" and finding out how many different options are possible, made me love my work so much and motivated me to try to learn more and more and to develop my knowledge and skills.

The greatest motivation for me is, of course, to see the happy expression in the eyes of the people whose hair I've touched. There is no power in the world that can stop me from making people look more beautiful.


Among all the work that you did, is there a certain one that has stuck to you and is a definite favourite? Can you share with us this and the story behind it?

There are so many stories and various experiences! There is at least one interesting story every day. I have enjoyed numerous nice moments with brides, starting to run tears of joy when seeing their wonderful hairstyle for their wedding days. Besides that, I have achieved a great success in materializing my ideas in photo sessions.
I felt very flattered and highly evaluated when I received the first invitation to lead a Schwarzkopf training course in Vienna and to hear the approval of my work (hair-cuts), expressed by my teachers and to see their interest in my work and achievements. There are so many stories... so I cannot tell just one now.


Hair motto and philosophy?
I do not know if it is a motto or a philosophy, but I believe that

With beautiful hair, one can achieve everything.


What do you think is the formula to making it in this very competitive industry?

I think that there are several things: first - a lot of training with a trainer/teacher on a dummy head and learning to perfect each detail, so that you can always be precise in your work and not to be dependent on any kind of personal moods. Another important point is one's knowledge and interest in the field of fashion - art, culture, history. The high degree of awareness in this area will help a lot the hair designer for his personality and style and will facilitate his work with the clients. An inseparable part of the success formula is, of course, the personal sense of the hairstylist for beauty and his attitude to the hair and to the clients.

What do you enjoy most about being a hair designer?

The final result that brings joy and happiness in people’s eyes.


What to you is a must for hair? Ultimate No-no?

It is a must to take good care of your hair. I do not approve hairstyles that are not in correspondence with the personal style of a given individual.


If you didn’t become the sought after hair stylist that you came to be, you would’ve been?

I do not know, but for sure, I would have been engaged in something that beautifies people.


What’s your personal hair care regimen?

I wash my hair every morning with shampoo for deep cleaning, dry it with a towel and shape it with a comb; fix it with hairspray and dust wax.


Any hair tips you can impart to our readers?

Always apply the suitable product for each hair type.


Ego Magazine, Dubai
September, 2015

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